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OUT travel kit

$29.00 USD

the OUT travel kit.  eco-friendly, single use, recyclable.  creates a barrier between you and your preferred mode of transport. available for a single ride or pack of 2 round trip.
what's inside:
  • 1 x disposable seat cover, recyclable
  • 1 x disposable tray table cover, recyclable 
  • 2 x pairs of non-latex, disposable gloves, biodegradable
  • 2 x disposable masks, recyclable
  • 6 x individual sanitizing hand and surface wipes, 70% alcohol
  • 1 x antibacterial sanitizer spray, recyclable 
  • 3 x mints


please see our 'useful science' page for information on all the goodies contained in the OUT's travel kit

along with being recyclable, we have taken the extra steps in making sure the OUT's travel kit is as earth-fiendly as possible.  inside of the bag, each item is individually wrapped in a non-plastic material that is biodegradable and compostable. 

flying can be safer than grocery shopping, Harvard study asserts - CNN travel

biodegradable nitrile gloves

how we use it

we would not travel without it!  getting on a plane these days can cause anxiety now we know more about the airborne and surface germs and viruses that can make us and our family unwell. we don't want to rely on a stranger having properly cleaned and sanitized any area we have to sit in, so we took our health into our own hands! 

the OUT's travel kit provides a comfortable barrier between our bodies and public surfaces such as  seats and tray tables. disposable disinfectant wipes are used to wipe down other surfaces. gloves are worn for to a trip to the restroom and sanitizer is used in-between to keep our hands completely germ-free!  when exiting, we simply placed all our items in the recycle bin!  

overall bag dimensions - 9" x 11" x 4" stand-up pouch