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OUT smart key

$21.00 USD

keep germs away from your hands with the OUT's smart key tool.  open doors, press buttons, and touch (withOUT touching) screens. save your fingers, use the key!



These Keychains Can Help You Avoid Touching Door Handles, Elevator Buttons, and So Much More - Forbes

how we use it

always on our keychains. this gadget is especially useful when pumping gas (inputting our zip code on the dirty screen), at an atm machine (inputting our pin), even signing our name to a touchscreen.


dimensions:   3" L  x 1" H x 3/16" W (without chain), 5" L with chain and key ring


**the OUT always recommends practicing good hand hygiene and using a hand sanitizer to kill germs and bacteria when you are away from home and touching surfaces. the OUT also recommends regularly sanitizing your smart key to avoid bringing germs home!

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