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OUT AirSoap air purifier

$400.00 USD

the OUT AirSoap air purifier by PhoneSoap uses electric wind technology to generate a high-energy plasma field that aids in killing viruses and bacteria, while also polarizing airborne particles. AirSoap has been shown to kill viruses that hepa filters can't. environmentally friendly plates are washable and reusable, saving you money on costly filter replacements. the technology is whisper quiet, earth conscience, and will help keep 400 sq ft of the air in your home or office cleaner to breathe. 

  • traditional air purifiers use hepa filters that can capture limited particles - down to 300nm.  but here is the smart part, the OUT AirSoap captures particles as small as 14nm and that is the science that will keep you and your family safe!



how it works!

how we use it

to keep our home and work sanctuaries germ-free! during the day we find comfort knowing we are breathing a fresher quality of air in whichever room we enter in our offices and homes.  At night, we sleep better knowing our children are surrounded by air that is clean of seasonal allergens. the AirSoap is so light-weight that we can easily change which room we want it in!

dimensions:  21.06" H x 10.25" W  x 10.6" D


** the AirSoap is shipped separately in its own box. if you order more than one item from the OUT, you may receive your order in multiple shipments. 
** please note this item will ship mid-september.