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OUT shopping kit

$25.00 USD

the OUT shopping kit is essential to have on hand whenever you leave the house to shop.  Whether it be the market, pharmacy, or anywhere with a push cart, this kit will help create a barrier between you and surface germs. 
what's inside:
  • 2 x washable handle covers: sized for push carts & baskets
  • 3 x washable shopping bags
  • 1 x washable canvas bag with convenient clip


please see our 'useful science' page for information on all the goodies contained in the OUT's germ emergency kit! 

how we use it

we like to have this kit on hand anytime we even think of going shopping.  stores have done a great job at cleaning their carts and baskets in between use, but we like to take the extra precaution of covering our handle for peace of mind.  the clip-on your cart kit also includes three bonus, washable bags for small trips.

overall bag dimensions - 6" x 6" 

clip - 2"

push cart handle cover dimensions - 5"W x 14.5"L - wraps around and fastens with velcro

basket handle cover dimensions - 8"W x 10.5"L - wraps around and fastens with velcro