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the OUT - intelligent, germ-conscious living.

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"staying germ-free shouldn't feel like a chore. it should feel like a luxury." - the OUT 


as the pandemic rages on, the world looks with new eyes at our collective, socialized future – specifically at the obstacles that hinder our ability to move forward with confidence and assurance of safety. introducing the OUT, a thoroughly modern and stylish collection of science-backed tools and household items thoughtfully designed for getting the germ-conscious back OUT into the world.

the OUT brand is the brainchild of founders, Brandi Garnett, Jennifer Pafiti, and Julie Pierce, and delves deep into the etiquette involved in the world's new normal of socializing. the OUT collection is designed to be meticulous – both in its sleek, monochromatic design and in its technological and science-backed protective solutions for homes and work sanctuaries. the debut collection features essential products for people wishing to protect themselves and their families from germs and viruses. the OUT presents a thorough and outrageously thoughtful assortment of products that go beyond our now-standard basics. these exceptional, proactive health solutions are the representation of, as its founders say, “a movement, not a moment,” designed to remain essential in a post-pandemic world.

Pictured left to right: Brandi Garnett, Jennifer Pafiti, Julie Pierce



photo credits ©April Belle Photos