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OUT Press


air date: Friday, November 13, 2020.

Jennifer, Brandi and Julie were invited on-air to discuss the formation of the OUT brand, and also the importance of the products they whole-heartedly back. getting people back OUT in to their new normal lives takes caution, but is also made safer and much more easy with everyday  items that you can trust.



feature date: December 3, 2020 

OUT Travel Kit

"Mackenzie Schmidt, Home + Travel Editor: We’ve all gotten used to wearing our masks and toting hand sanitizer every day, but if you need to travel by public transit (plane, train, bus) this winter, it’s not a bad idea to up your sanitation essentials. This kit has everything you need to make travel as safe and germ-free as possible: a disposable seat cover (a la early adopter Naomi Campbell), a tray table cover, 2 pairs of disposable gloves, 2 stylish disposable masks, hand sanitizer spray, and alcohol wipes for hands and surfaces. Everything comes in a small, to-go pouch you can tuck in a carry-on."