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OUT HomeSoap UV-C disinfection chamber

$200.00 USD

the OUT HomeSoap disinfection chamber is designed to sanitize tablets and anything fitting inside using UV-C light technology. two powerful UV-C lights and a reflective inner surface allow the light to surround your items, killing harmful bacteria in 10 minutes!  an added bonus: OUT HomeSoap will allow you to charge your tablet and smartphone while you wait!

(two usb charging ports are located inside the HomeSoap chamber.  usb charging cords not included)


how it works!

how we use it

our OUT HomeSoap is placed right next to the front door. keys, wallets, phones, sunglasses and masks go inside the disinfection chamber immediately when returning home. new parent? throw in pacifiers and teething toys! our kids practice good tablet hygiene and place their tablets and laptops inside the disinfection chamber to sanitize at least once a day (make it a dinner time habit like we have!).

  • 15.00" L x 6.00" W x 11.15" H
  • 13.18" L x 3.43" W x 9.13" H


  • line  100-240V AC
  • frequency 50Hz to 60Hz


    • USB-A  5V 1A output
    • USB-C 5V 1A output

    **shipping of the HomeSoap may take and extra 3-5 business days.this item is shipped separately in its own box. if you order more than one item from the OUT, you may receive your order in multiple shipments.